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BIM methodology

Building Information Modeling

The creation of a virtual model facilitates communication and coordination between different areas, as well as space management, identification and analysis of interferences, to control changes that may occur.

Main benefits
of the BIM methodology

Remote work with equipment that may be located in other latitudes
Project visualization
Interference identification
Change control
Material Quantification
Estimate control
Risk mitigation
Simple and graphic reports
Favors the definition of construction processes
Reduction of re-work in the field

The BIM methodology is a great way for industrial projects that integrates solutions from different engineering and disciplines. Generally, construction times are short so as not to interfere with daily production operations within the plants; This makes the collaborative approach of these methodologies necessary to ensure success while defining the scope of the project holistically (scope/quality), the estimation of resources and needs (cost) and the planning (time).

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